Complete personalized solutions for  High-End Kitchens .


From the kitchen space design to the provision of the appliances, we work with our clients, architects, interior designers, and developers to create the dream kitchen.

We source, supply, install and service.


With years of experience in the luxury appliance space, our team is equipped to provide our clients with the best luxury brand experience in mid to high-end indoor and outdoor kitchen appliances.

We work with Designers, Architects, Contractors and Developers to give you the kitchen of your dreams!

Exceptional from the Inside Out.

From conception to realization

We offer turnkey solutions that inspire, provide comfort, and elevate the day-to-day kitchen experience into a monument to fresh, delicious food.

We help our clients to delight in each cooking experience. Revel in every delicious meal while enjoying the power, finesse, and consistency of iconic, luxurious, and professionally inspired home appliances.